We at Boston Dog Butlers are committed to providing Boston’s Premier Dog Brand, and while we have you covered 24/7 on Boston’s best pet services, we also want to help our favorite pet community on those special days where you have the time to adventure around with your furry companion!

Boston Dog Butlers is proud to present to you our “Day in the Life ” series where we will walk you through, play by play, local dog friendly activities for you to enjoy year-round!

Dog Days of Summer in Boston:

  • Dogs have a lot of energy, we understand more than most. In order to best prepare for the adventurous day ahead, we recommend stopping by Tatte Bakery at one of their dog friendly locations in the morning to fuel up on a caffeinated beverage of your choice. They conveniently provide outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your tasty cup of joe while you and your pup take in the bustling city.
  • Boston is home to some of the most gorgeous public parks in the northeast, most notably the Boston Common– which (fun fact) is Americas oldest Public Park! The Boston Common is very dog friendly and serves as a playground to dozens of local dogs daily. Be prepared for an impromptu play-date as you are sure to run into other dogs and their owners. The Boston Common is a great area to tucker your dog while you gaze at some of Boston’s most coveted real estate. What are you waiting for? Get out there!
  • After a few hours of running around the park, you can reward your dog with a treat at The Polkadog Bakery which has five locations, including South End and North End! Your dog-child is sure to love Polka Dog’s hand-make delicacies that range from traditional bones to clam chowda flavored treats! If you choose to stop in at their South End location you could also poke into Five Horses, South End and eat some (amazing!) human food, outside at their patio. Five horses has a great mix of food ranging from tacos to pizza & beyond that is surely not going to disappoint. For those over 21, kick back and enjoy an alcoholic beverage, we highly recommend checking out their beer list!
  • Boston has plenty of dog friendly options to beat the summer heat, one of our favorites is Castle Island Beach on the eastern most point of South Boston. Dog’s are welcome to join on leash, there are sure to be other friendly pups to play around with as well. After you catch some cosmic rays you can head over to Sullivan’s for a burger or, our favorite, a lobster roll!

Well, there you have it, the first installment of A Day in the Life. If you manage to get through all those activities you and your furry friend deserve some relax time watching a movie in the couch

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